OMA Karate


We have a very experienced group of Instructors. Many have trained and been graded in Okinawa, Japan - the home of karate.  Some are experienced Sport Karate competitors who have excelled at national or an international level. 
Below are some of our instructors.

Murray Simpson Shihan

Experienced Karate, Kobudo and sport karate instructor.

Chief Instructor for OMA Karate

Glen Falkenhaug Shihan

Experienced Karate and Kobudo instructor and former sport karate competitor

James Fungavai Shihan

Experienced Karate and Kobudo instructor

Lorenzo Romano Sensei

Experienced Karate and Kobudo instructor

David Hardie-Neil  Sensei

Experienced Karate and Kobudo instructor

Row Hope Sensei

Experienced Karate instructor and an experienced sport karate competitor

Marie O'Malley Sensei

Experienced Karate instructor

John Steemson Sempai

Experienced Karate instructor

Rachel Jakeman Sempai

Experienced karate and kobudo instructor and an experienced sport karate competitor

Isabella Newns Sempai

Experienced karate instructor and experienced sport karate competitor

Mary-ann O'Malley Sempai

Experienced Karate instructor

Bliss Wang Sempai

Experienced karate instructor and experienced sport karate competitor.


okinawan goju ryu karate

Complete Self Defence System

Goju Ryu means Hard Soft Style in Japanese.  It is one of the original karate styles developed at the home of karate - Okinawa, Japan, by Chojun Miyagi.  Like all traditional karate styles it was developed over long period of time by warriors in battle. 

Since the start of 1900's karate has continued to evolve to suit modern society and become not just an effective means of self defence but also a great whole body exercise and more recently adapted into a competitive sport.

  • Complete Martial Art

    Goju Ryu Karate is a close range fighting system which includes a full range of striking, blocking, kicking, locks, holds, throws and grappling.  It is a complete practical self defence system.

  • Whole Body Exercise

    Training includes a broad range of strength, flexibilty and conditioning exercises designed to work the whole body.  Karate is well known as a high intensity aerobic workout which many gyms use as a basis for  their combat type aerobic sessions.


Okinawan kobudo

Traditional Weapons

Kobudo means old or ancient in Japanese.  Okinawan Kobudo like all old weapons martial arts were developed by warriors on the battlefield.  Our kobudo, Ufuchiku style, comes from Kiichi Nakamoto Soke, Hanshi 10th Dan and those before him.

We train to broaden our self defence abilities, for general interest and exercise.  In today's environment it is not unusual to be attacked by a weapon (knife or stick), so learning how to use and defend against weapons is prudent.  It is also great fun.

  • Broad Range Of Weapons

    Ufuchiku Kobudo uses a broad range of traditional weapons though we focus on the more common weapons like, Bo (stick), tonfa, sai and nunchaku.

  • Practical

    We focus on learning how to handle and use the weapons in a practical manner so if necessary we are able to defend ourselves against such weapons or can use the weapon to defend ourselves.



Traditional Jujitsu

Jujitsu is the traditional unarmed combat system of the Japanese Samuari that has been practiced since the 16th Century.  It was developed because striking a heavily armored opponent was not effective  Jujitsu therefore focuses on throws, locks, holds and grappling.  Jujitsu is the traditional martial art that Judo (sport), Aikido and Brazilian Jujitsu all originated from and which is popularised in UFC and MMA..

We train in Aikijujitsu to broaden our self defence abilities, to broaden our knowledge, abilities and to complement our Goju Ryu Karate training as there are a lot of similarities. 

  • Broader Range Of Options

    Being able to effectively restrain an attacker rather than  striking or kicking is a preferred method of dealing with attackers in today's school environment.

  • Practical

    Being effectively in a broader range of self defence situations is an advantage.


our family

OMA Karate is part of a much larger national and worldwide family.


Okinawakan Goju Ryu Karate do New Zealand is our national organisation which includes various independent groups working together supporting each other.


Okinawakan Goju Ryu Karate do International Association is an international group founded and headed by Shihan Murray Simpson who is also OMA Karate's Chief Instructor.  OGKI is active in 9 countries with over 10,000 members.

Okinawakan Karate Remuera

Okinawakan Karate Remuera is the Honbu dojo (Main Club) of OMA Karate and where Shihan Murray Simpson,  OMA Karate's Chief Instructor, mainly teaches, often 7 days a week..

Gojuryu Okinawakan Karate-do Kyokai

GOKK is Kiichi Nakamoto's Okinawan organisation or Honbu dojo (Main Club) of the worldwide Okinawakan family. This organisation teaches Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate and Ufuchiku Kobudo.

Shihan Murray Simpson,  OMA Karate's Chief Instructor, is directly affiliated with Kiichi Nakamoto Hanshi as a Shibu Cho or Branch license holder.

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